Friday, June 28, 2013

My wall of Dream and Create

I claimed the spare bedroom as my sewing room.
I love this wall. It has place for my ideas, half finished projects and finished projects awaiting ironing.
This is my upcycled "Dream" frame.
Now that both kids have outgrown the crib it lies in the garage unassembled after the move. It is too sentimental to give away and probably not as safe at it should be anymore. ( It has been disassembled for 4 moves, turned into a toddler bed twice and into a full size bed once!)
I hang up ideas for future projects and fabrics that I love but not sure what for yet.
I was planning to just put hooks on the wall for garment hanging but instead I found unfinished wooden spools at JoAnn's. I painted them to look like there is thread on them and just screwed them on the wall and they are perfect to hang hangers on and so fitting - don't you think?

This cute hat is part of Isabella's 4th of July outfit.
Go visit Jenn over at a Jennuine Life  Here for the free pattern and tutorial.

It's totally reversible.

And here  is my first try at a tennis skirt with lycra. Paying $40 plus for a tennis skirt which is such a small piece of fabric that barely covers my buttocks is totally unacceptable. I did a basic skirt and now that I am comfortable working with lycra I can get a little adventurous next time.
Till next time!

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