Saturday, June 22, 2013

$3 Thrift finds

I did these desks a few months ago but did not share them on my blog yet. I bought 2 desks from Goodwill. The  local college  was getting rid of a whole bunch of old desks. They are nice solid desks and I wished I had bought a third for when Isabella is bigger.
The one I turned into a Lego desk for Arthur and made some lego shelves to go with it to have all of his pieces handy when he is building. When he is done he can just put it all away and use his desk for drawing etc.
He is only 6 so the desk is still high and he has to sit on his knees. His old Eddie Bauer high chair was standing and collecting dust since both him and his sister has outgrown it. It is a nice solid chair and every time we drop things off at Goodwill I just can not get myself to throw it out. Glad I didn't. We sawed 2 inches off the bottom, removed the tray and tray holder and spray painted it blue. Now I have to say both my kids LOVE it. They lug it around and fight over it. They even like to sit on it while watching TV or playing wii. I think I should keep an eye out for another  at a thrift store.
I added this side panel for all the lego bases and instruction booklets.
Its made with a few pieces of wood and the lego dots are made with a thick dowel rod that has been sawed down in even pieces.
this is how the shelves was made the top ones also had dowel rod pieces.
the containers is from the dollar store and I made the cubbies so the containers fits in nicely.

 This one I painted with outdoor paint and made honeycomb cubbies for my pots and tools.
I use it as my  garden center.The drawers are mod podged. It stands out on the porch and holds up nicely in outdoor elements because of the outdoor paint. The porch does have a roof so it doesn't get direct rain.
I thought it was time to at least blog about this especially after seeing that Jenn over at
a Jennuine Life is doing Thrifty to Nifty Thursdays. Grab a button on the right side if you like to upcycle and head over to her blog to add your projects and/or get some inspiration.
She also shared this Free camper hat pattern and tutorial that I am excited to try.
That's it for today. See you next time.

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  1. That is such a great idea. The desks turned out so well when you painted them. I love the chair, I can just see the kids both wanting to use it. Also any thing Lego is a winner.


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