Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lego Pillows

so Arthur's room has turned into a Lego Explosion. Both the kids really enjoy Lego's and since Isabella spends most of her time in his room it turned into a bedroom/ playroom. I made him the orange lego block pillow first. He really enjoys it so I ended up making a pink one for Isabella and a red one to go on the chair.
I have used different methods with all three. I liked the red one the best. I will add a few pictures of the making process. I made a  lego quilt where you make and use a stamp to create Lego blocks. I will do a post on the quilt next time because it was quite the undertaking. More on the stamp there.
I searched for a Lego plush guy and to my surprise I actually found one HERE
I painted the lego blocks on the wall just after we moved in. ( I googled lego block images and enlarged the image and used transfer paper to trace the image on the wall and then painted them.

He looks happy doesn't he?
I made the stamp with Speedball stamping block .
 the other method of the lego dots was more tedious so I opted to just circles ( 4 fabric and 12 felt circles) I laid them out first on a piece of felt so I know how big my pillow should be. Each circle has one fabric and 3 felt circles to give it some depth. I just pinned it on the felt and sewed around each circle.
cut another square for the bottom of the pillow and a strip of felt ( length is the sum of the four sides.)
for the sides.

this is how I sew my corners when making a cube.

 I Go all the way to the fold, needle in lift foot turn your fabric,
  flip the fold to the back of the needle
and continue sewing.
when you turn it inside out there will be no bundling.

leave an opening in the side to turn it inside out as well as stuffing.
My next post I will show you the quilt.
Till next time......

More Lego Pillows with free template Here

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  1. Hi! Love the pillows! What were the dimensions for your red pillow and the circles? I'd love to make one for a birthday gift. Thanks in advance!


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