Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lego Pillows....

today I have an easy project that the Lego lover in your house is going to love. My kids are loving me for these pillows and my daughter carries the pillow everywhere and refuses to sleep on anything else.

 This is what you are going to need:

  •  Avery  Transfer-on paper for dark fabrics
  • normal printer paper to use to cut out clothes patterns
  • fabric for the pillows and knit fabric for the clothes
  • x-acto knife(or any tool) to cut out the transfer paper  
  • and last but not least a sewing machine and iron

You are welcome to use the mario Lego man and girl that I created with a combination of these decals , picmonkey and adobe photoshop elements 10. I then enlarged them by using Blockposters ( I wished I discovered this site sooner and would have saved me a lot of moving of paper on copier and paper with past projects.

These ones you are going to use to print with the Avery Transfer on(your are going to need to pieces of paper for every figure you want to print out.

This is how it looks after you cut it out with the x-acto knife

and These two you are going to print on plain printer paper and use to cut the right size clothes:

I can draw the clothes on. My son wanted a Mario so I just drew Mario clothes and my daughter wanted pink and a heart so you can do whatever the kid/s likes.

before I cut the clothes from the knit fabric I ironed on wonder-under by Pellon which makes it easier to cut and also iron  onto your Lego figure.

After you cut your pillow( I just cut 2 rectangles to make a standard pillow case) you are going to iron on your Lego figure by first taking off the backing and then iron on the feet and the the top side of the body as per instructions on the package. Make sure you use the wax paper on top off your figure at all times when ironing......

there was watermarks on mine after I ironed it but disappeared after it cooled down.

Now you are going to add your clothes, iron it on , top stitch  
and then assemble your pillow.
this is how it looked after pinning the front and back panel together...

and for now I am the kids' Hero!

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  1. wow!! such a cool idea!! thank you fro the tutorial!

  2. This is super cute. I'd love to feature it at tonight's Craftastic party if you could add the party button to your link-up page:)


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