Wednesday, June 19, 2013

something to keep little hands busy.......


I always enjoy making crafts that the kids can help me with. Isabella likes to sort things and I have bought toys like that before but we keep on losing the pegs because it is removable. I made one that is glued and thus she can not remove them :)
My plan was to use foam sheets but I could not get them through my punches so I made a plan to use felt ( It worked out great because now we can use them on our felt boards to make flowers)
This is what you are going to need. I did not need to buy anything and had it all on hand.
For the shapes I used my handy dandy Go! Baby which is one of my favorite tools for crafting,sewing etc. It was a to Mom from Mom Christmas present.
You can just cut it out by hand and make other shapes like triangles,squares,rectangles, circles etc.


cut your fabrics like described below.

I first mod podged fabrics on my square as well as the shapes of fabric. I also painted the pegs the same color as the matching fabric at the bottom while the mod podge was drying. Drill your holes and glue the pegs in it. She already tried to pull them out but have not succeeded. HA HA!

while I was assembling the pegs the kids had the best time making flowers on their felt board. They used the already cut out shapes and I also made some stems and leaves for them.
This is something we can take with to restaurants to keep them busy.

Look how pretty. Arthur did a great job assembling flowers

Isabella likes it small and simple.

This is standing in the living room on the coffeetable .

Till next time......

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