Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silver Dotted Black Tankini

I have had this silver dotted lycra from JoAnn's for a while now. When I saw These two cute swimsuits  from Delia Creates I was on a mission to sew Isabella a swimsuit not sure how it was going to turn out. Leading from Delia Creates I saw this cute little yellow swim suit from Dana made it. The fact that we are potty training I went with a 2 piece and my own design.
I have to admit the first try the bottoms was a bust but when the temperatures rose to 104 today I was at it again. The central air gave in last night so I knew we are going to pull out the baby pool to cool off every ten minutes - perfect opportunity to try it out. I was so happy how it turned out. a Tutorial will follow soon. Isabella seems to LOVE it.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!
I knew it was not going to be long before she pulled this stunt.

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