Monday, June 10, 2013

The Necessary Clutch Wallet......

The past 11 years my sewing has been very sporadic. Only recently did I really get the machines into my own little space. I think the house we have moved into creates a nice little space and the kids can still play around in the house while I am busy sewing. Anyway, I have been mesmerized by all the blogs out there with wonderfully creative sewers and crafters. I get so many ideas etc. As I am browsing around last week I come upon this site - Emmaline - sewing patterns and Purse Hardware
If you know me at all you will know that I thought I was in Heaven. She has some great patterns, tutorials and beautiful hardware. I immediately ordered the Necessary Clutch wallet .I have always wanted to make a wallet but with the bags it is easy to adjust my own pattern but the wallet was above what I could come up with.

I chose to use some of the SweSwe fabric that my lovely Mom brought from South Africa on their last visit. More about SweSwe Here. It is wonderful for bags.

Anyway I am due for a new wallet and thought I would just do a little bit here and there. But as soon as I started I could not stop and just wanted to finish. I am quite happy how it turned out on my first try.

there are plenty of card pockets, place for my check book, pens, notebook etc.



  1. Wow!!! Your wallet turned out great, and I am love LOVING that pop of yellow in the middle. I need to try that. Love the fabrics. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! Janelle


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