Thursday, June 6, 2013

skirtweek 2013

I am cutting it close but thought I should at least do a skirt for me as  well for Skirtweek 2013
hosted by crafterhours. I had a piece of blue fabric lying around wish I had more so I could make a long skirt but it worked out fine especially for the summer.

First I made the fabric for the top part by sewing seams 2 inches apart. I marked all of it first, then ironed it ( this makes it a lot easier to sew a nice straight line and even).

 this is how it looks on the back of the fabric after all the seams.
I just cut the top part by marking around another skirt. The bottom flare was done by cutting 3 cuts then forming then in a circular shape like below.

The fabric has a little of a stretch so it fits really nice.


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  1. That shape is great! I love the strips being sewn together, too. I might need to try that.


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