Tuesday, April 22, 2014

the Butterfly sling purse

I've mentioned before that I belong to 

you can read more about  it HERE and HERE

I am kinda slow sewing the patterns just because I am juggling sewing clothes,projects etc. but it is nice to have the patterns so I can use it in the future. This is the Butterfly Sling Purse from one of my favorite ladies on the web Janelle from Emmaline bags .Most of the hardware came from her online shop. The fabric was natural linen I purchased from Pink Chalk fabrics. the leather is a brown suede from a thrift store jacket and the rest was fabrics I've had in my stash for a while.

It is a lovely purse and I will be keeping this one. The fabrics I chose makes it easy to wear with anything. It is perfect now that I don't have diaper-wearing kids anymore. The pattern seemed overwhelming to me but Janelle describes each step very well with step-by-step instructions with pictures. I am very happy with the result.
See for yourself.......

till next time.....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project Run and Play week 4 - Signature style

I made it - I finished my signature look and cant believe another season of Project Run and Play is at its end. As always there was plenty of  Great designs and ideas that went around. When it comes to signature style there isn't much that has changed since last season. In one sentence I would describe it as funky, out of the box, colorful and add a little traditional. 

- I love mixing different types of fabric in an outfit ( in this outfit I used knit, shantung, net, twill and quilting cotton)
- I love different colors. I am still finding my way and try not to use "Matching colors" but rather "contrast color" but that is going to take some practice.
- I like to flip patterns. First I love to buy pdf patterns and support independent designers but I still like to put my own spin on it .( I usually sew it their way the first time and the second time flip it) - There are some amazing designers out there.
- I grew up trying my hand at different ARTS of sewing so I like to add some embroidery, paint or a knitted item to an outfit.
- I don't like to conform when it comes to clothing. I like to make what I/the kids like and is pleasing to me or the kids. 

Lets talk about this week's outfit. It was great that kids clothes week was last week and I got to work on my signature look. I made it so Miss Bella will have it for Easter. 

-The jacket is the Berkshire Blazer from Blank Slate Patterns(Melly Sews) I added pink bias binding around the edges. Embroidered a B on a Breast pocket and cut and added to circle frills to the bottom back of the jacket.

-The Tunic is The Madeline dress Pattern from Me Sew Crazy - I like that this can be shortened as a tunic and it keeps the beauty of the dress. I used shantung for the bodice and a double layer with net and cotton for the dress part.

- The pants are one of my new favorites the Triangle pants from seeKatesew - I brought them in a lot at the bottom so it is more like leggings at the bottom and wide at the top  (kind of like harlem pants)

Picture overload alert: We went over to the Gardens at Heather Farms in Walnut creek on this beautiful morning and I couldn't choose between the pictures.

Project Run And Play season 9 Round-up:
Every season I grow a little and try new things. I Loved all of the themes this season and especially looked forward to the design your own fabric one and ended up winning  the sew-along which was super awesome. Cant wait for the next season....

I have 3 favorite days in the year and Easter is one of them. Reminds me how Blessed I am.....
Happy Easter to you and Yours!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

a Bella outfit for "Calling all kids"

Alida over at Alida makes has this really cool series called Calling all kids . ( Browse through her blog and look at all her creations - Cool is definitely the word) Calling All Kids is a series that explores children’s clothing as it relates to gender. Not all girls like pink or dresses and some boys likes pink etc. and it isn't always easy to find the clothes that our kids are looking for. That is the reason I love sewing not only for myself but also for my kids. Now that my kids are getting older they have a voice when it comes to the clothes I make for them. Arthur is very specific about what he likes and well Isabella is a bit of a wild child :) She does like dresses but I always have to make pants because she is always dancing,climbing,crawling etc.Her favorite outfit is  a shirt from her brother and some leggings. To fit her personality we like to use vibrant colors too!!

It turned out just like I envisioned it.
I made some Triangle pants by See Kate Sew and also a Raglan recess with a bimaa hoody and  added a bottom ribbing. Only after I started cutting did I realize that the  patterns are both  from see Kate Sew. Perfect match indeed. I used all organic knits that I ordered from Fabricworm I love the cardinal print on the pants and have been wanting to order it for a while. I also knitted a slouchy beanie to finish the look....
the NR 3 on the shirt was made by making some doodles with black,red and yellow sharpie on Avery iron-on transfer  for dark fabrics. I cut out a 3 and ironed it on... pretty cool!
I used orange elastic as waistband on the pants.

 there is definitely some Bob Marley going on in this picture
 what kid wouldn't love these pockets?

 She is quite the mischief but those eyes just melts my heart.....

It's signature look week over at Project Run and Play so I will be back soon ...... but for now go over to Alida Makes and browse all the great handmade outfits 

Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW day 5 - Bella's first Blazer

so we were running out of daylight time so I still have to add my buttonholes and buttons but everything else on my blazer is done. My plan for Kids Clothes week was to sew most of Bella's Easter outfit which will also count as my signature look for the last week of Project Run and Play sew along. for Easter I was thinking Blazer for Bella ( I haven't sewed a lined jacket/blazer since college) so I was happy when Melissa from Melly Sews announced the Berkshire Blazer  sew along this past week so it all worked out. I finally got around to it today and all I have to say is I got more than my hour sewing required for KCW in:)

I will add the buttons tomorrow morning and the buttonholes and will share some pictures then of the final result but here she is.

 I used a navy twill fabric for the jacket and a pink cotton for the lining. I also made pink bias binding for around edges. The fact that it was almost night doesn't really show the pink.....

I made roll up sleeves because of spring ( it does roll down for winter though)

I added two circle ruffles to the back for a girly look

I love the inside fabric.....

the bias binding around the edges turned out real good.

I hand embroidered a B on the front pocket for Bella with pink .....

I have one more outfit I hope to sew tomorrow that I am quite excited about. I got the Triangle pants pattern from see Kate sew this past week and think it will be the perfect pants for my busy little girl who always puts her treasures in her pockets!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW day 4 - Natty Janes

I dont know if this counts as clothes but I just had to sew these - I had different plans for the day like cutting and sewing a blazer for Miss Bella but the itch of using this beautiful turquoise leather got to me. I made the Natty Janes Pattern from the fabulous Delia over at Delia Creates and you can see the roundup on her blog Here for some inspiration. I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it but my youngest is too big for them and all my friends who had babies recently had boys. When I found out that the Natty Janes will be a pattern available to me through the Pattern membership ( if you have a pattern addiction like me and want to meet some new bloggers through great community come join me) I decided to sew a pair for a very good friend who happens to have the cutest niece ever. Problem solved:) On to the pattern - very easy, VERY versatile and honestly too cute for words. Delia's instructions and tips are very clear and the process was very smooth and definitely something you can sew up in a day. I used leather and good quality felt. The fact that it is so small you only need scraps which makes these shoes very affordable. OK enough talking on to the pictures.......

for construction I found the red clips and my pinking shears very helpful...

I used my sewing machine to sew a 4 on the inside so she knows what size it is...
ugh I love them so much ... wish they came in my size 

I am busy cutting out my Berkshire Blazer as we speak so I will hopefully sew a little on that tomorrow.