Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a Robe for swim aerobics......

I started water aerobics at the club again 3 times a week. There is only 2 showers so I always just grab Bella at childcare and hop in the car. I just don't have enough time to sit in the sun to dry  and always end up dripping half a gallon of water on the floors and in my shoes. Most people bring a robe and just go home in it so lit was a good time to try this out. I love the finished product.
bought this fabulous turquoise at JoAnn's
The pattern is just a loose shirt pattern that I opened up in the front and extended to the middle front at well as the length.

This is the back with the belt. I attached the belt to the robe so I don't have to try and find it everytime.

 Added this orange trim in the front and also at the arms.

Now I am ready to go.

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