Friday, May 31, 2013

A fun orange and blue outfit for a very active little girl........

These are my favorite colors together lately orange and blue ( the darker the blue the better.) This is the perfect outfit for Isabella because she likes to dress up like a girl but she also loves to climb and do adventurous things. These pants are light and moveable and allows her to do just that.


I used a favorite shirt of Isabella to cut the pattern.
the front is going to scoop down lower like on the left.
 mark the places where you are going to make your frills. I made 3 inch wide lines.

 the strips I cut was 3 and a 1/4 of an inch.(this accounts for the bit where they overlap as well as seams on the bottoms of the strips.

this is the top of the strips where you will gather the fabric by pulling on either both the bottom threads or both the top threads.

I chose to do just a slip in the back to add a button. Mark your slit and cut a piece of fabric with interfacing (also mark your slit here on the wrong side) and line them up correct sides of fabric facing eachother.

sew on the mark and cut open like below.
turn inside out and topstitch

I first sewed the shoulder seams first added the bias binding around the armholes as well as the neck and then I did the side seams , serged it and put in a bottom seam.

There it is all finished......

 The pants I adjusted my favorite pants pattern for Isabella. It is made by Made. Even though I changed it is my go -to basic pattern and fits great. Hop on over to here to check out this cool pants pattern and tutorial. She has some great patterns here - so click it and go check it out.

I made the pattern shorter and added a round side so it is more like a bubble.
I used my circle ruler to cut the little front inserts that I added on the top of my front pants pieces.

The rick rack was sewed on one of the pieces before I sewed them together to keep it in place.
add the other part, sew together and make your little slits to make sure when you turn it inside out the circle is nice and round.

I first just sewed the outer sides together so that I can add my tag and do 2 rows of topstitching in orange.


this is the bottom cuff of the pants. Cut it and make sure your childs leg can get through it. I ironed the bottom already so it will be easy to fold under and just hand stitch.

I added elastic just to the back

I think it has kind of a Nautical feel so I call it her sailor outfit.


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