Monday, February 2, 2015

KCW Upcycle day 1

It is time for  Kids Clothes week and this round is all about upcycle. Ive done one upcycle so far with shirts from Arthur for a Repurpose challenge with Project Run and Play. This time around I took a trip to some thrift stores and got some great deals on almost new shirts and skirts. I went for XL and XXL for the most fabric. Most of the thrift stores had 75-80 percent off to sell off some winter clothes.
And here is my stash..... 

Today I used a purple turtle neck shirt and a sweater knit dress to make a recess raglan with a semicircle skirt add-on and the trusty old Go to Leggings.

 Bella needs some more clothes for Preschool that we are not too worried about if it gets paint on, very movable and colorful to match her personality.

for the leggings I used a purple knit turtle neck , cut out the pattern and ironed on some freezer paper strips(I also added three freezer paper stars at the bottom of the legs. Then I used fabric decolourant to paint on, let it dry, wash it and sewed it together.

Miss Bella is very sick today but we we managed to get a few pictures in her outfit.

Both kids are sick so we are staying home, lots of movies and fluids and I get to do some sewing.
Tomorrow This guy is joining us for KCW day 2

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