Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dressage leggings and sew Chic kids

Good morning everybody from a very cold and pretty Paducah, KY. School has been cancelled for the third day in a row with snow and ice cold temperatures . I've been loving not having to go anywhere and I have just been sewing away. 

This is the first time for both the patterns and I am in love. The pants are the dressage leggings from Jenn from a Jennuine Life . She does a great job explaining the pattern and there is options for kids still in diaper. This is definitely a staple pattern to consider. The fit is great as well as instructions.
The shirt is from the book HAPPY HOMEMADE, Sew Chic Kids - I love this shirt and even though it is a pattern for woven fabric it turned out pretty well in knit. ( I used elastic around the neckline instead of bias binding) I am excited to try out more patterns in the book.

I just recently bought Swedish tracing paper to trace all the patterns from the 3 Happy Homemade books that I have bought and have been very impressed at the ease of use as well as the durability. The fabric is all from Girl Charlee -  the copper fabric is Vegan Leather and the roses are from the December Knitfix .

When sewing with vegan leather I do not use a leather needle ( some people does ) I use either a jersey/ball point needle. When working with vegan leather / knits the magic for me lies in using maxi-lock stretch thread in the bobbin for both single and double needle. I also press my seams on the polyester setting on my iron and always on the wrong side of vegan leather with no problems.

 we are tired of pictures inside so I threw a coat on Bella, let her stand on a tree stump and snapped a few pictures before running back inside, away from the cold. It sure is pretty with the sun on the white snow.

Ive made leggings of the vegan leather before and Bella loves them. She did say they felt too warm the first time she wore them but after the first wash she didn't complain about it anymore. It holds up very well in the wash. With the dressage leggings the combination of the vegan leather and the knit fabric helps with airflow and it doesn't sweat.

Till next time - Hopefully in warmer weather 


  1. Hi it's Nicole of The Girl Charlee Team! I just wanted to say that this outfit is amazing! Both pieces look so well made and match perfectly. Thank you for linking back to us :)

  2. I am in love with this outfit. I will have to try that top in knit -- I love how it turned out! Great job!

  3. LOVE those leggings! I haven't seen anyone use copper before and I love the result!

  4. Beautiful outfit, I love the floral knit (missing summer, since here in Finland it's winter with lots of snow too)!

  5. The entire outfit is amazing, and what a cute little trooper for modeling in the snow! Thanks so much for sharing!


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