Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 3: repurposing

I think this is the first time ever that I am actually ahead of schedule when it comes to sewing. This is for Week 3 in Project Run and Play and it is time to Recycle/Repurpose! This was super fun. I have a pile of clothes from the kids that are either special  and too small and I don't want to give it away or it is in my pile to go to the garbage if I cant figure out what to do with it so I had enough material to use.  When I thought about what I was going to make it had to be something very comfortable yet Girly. Bella is a girl that likes to play like a boy but still dress up like a girl so I decided on a T-shirt dress with a circular skirt that she can still twirl in. Also made some pants for covering up when she is hanging upside down. 

The green shirt was cut down on the sides and sewed down to be more fitted and the sleeves were cut off and recessed. The skirt turned out perfectly twirly. For the pants I just by chance had an adidas t-shirt that was brand-new but ended up with glue on it and on its way to the garbage. The greens between the top and the pants matches perfectly and I ended up making pockets with the orange shirt's sleeves. ( Pants were made with the Go To Leggings Pattern by Go To Patterns. ) 

Our neighborhood were lucky enough to get the playground gutted and a brand-new playground took its place. We got to play on the new play equipment for the first time while taking pictures and testing out the flexibility of the new outfit. Mission Accomplished!

 The hair-bow was made with part of a t-shirt and neck ribbing.

This is definitely a Bella dress - It fits her vibrant and colorful  personality all the way!

and what's a Blog post without a silly face?

Till next time.................


  1. Love how many different shirts you used to get such a fun and unique outfit! Well done!

  2. I really enjoy seeing ideas like this. I would have never thought to use so many boy t-shirts to create an adorable outfit for your daughter. It turned out perfect.

  3. love that you kept the existing placket.
    good work!

  4. That turned out darling! It reminds me of Lil Blue Boo's style!

  5. oh how fun! I love all those shirts as a skirt.. the ruffled hem is perfect too. I'm loving project Run and PLay! I also linked up this week, a recycled Sweater...Emily@nap-timecreations


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