Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sew the show with Alida Makes

When Alida over at Alida makes announced her new series Sew the Show, I was all Gung Ho about it. It combines TV and sewing so why would I not? I  started watching the series 'The Honorable Woman' (which I loved by the way), and then came the realization that I would have to sew for myself and not just that - it would also have to be photographed and blogged about. Not to mention that Nessa Stein is one skinny,tall woman with a wardrobe to be coveted by all. If you have been following my blog you know that I only sew for and blog about my kids. 

The weight has slowly crept on over the past years , and I really just don't feel like sewing for myself because I keep saying - "I will as soon as I lose the weight" Let's be realistic - This might not happen as soon as I would like.

With this series I decided to embrace how I look and to start sewing for myself again. I have to say my kids definitely encouraged me without them realizing it. Kids looks at us so differently . My kids always tells me how beautiful I am. They do not see size(at least not yet) - just a person who loves  them  and for them that is Beauty.

The Look:
In Episode 4 Nessa heads to the West Bank to open a new computer faculty at the Stein Foundation's university. She wears a black dress with lace inset around the neck as well as the sleeves.

From all her looks I thought that the above will probably be the best to pull off to suit me.
I used the Washi dress pattern by Made-by-Rae which is probably my favorite dress pattern at this stage. I added the big bow collar (Nessa has a few silk shirts with big bows) and the sleeves from the expansion pack. The fabric is beautiful rose knit fabric from my ever growing Knitfix collection from Girl Charlee . I added black stretch lace ( also from Girl Charlee ) in the sleeves and also around the neck. ( around the neck is a double layer lace and reinforced at the seams to minimize stretch)

Another plus of this pattern is that it has POCKETS, now who doesn't love that?

I also added knit interfacing on the bow to stabilize it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my personal debut on the Blog.

I am currently in second place for Project Run and Play February Challenge.....
If you would like to vote for my Project Run and Play entry I would appreciate it very much. Voting closes on Thursday, February 27th at 8pm(MST). I am 7th in the line-up of the final 10 Artbella-Just call me Mademoiselle. Please click on the link below to vote

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  1. Carin, that is beautiful! You look amazing, well done. I have a similar problem in that I keep putting off using my best fabric for that mythical day when I will be slimmer... it is stacking up, and I have little to wear! You might find solidarity and inspiration in some of the posts at over at

    1. Thank you Jess! Wise words! I just started following the curvy sewing collective, thank you for mentioning - it has been a great inspiration. Yes , i have some double gauze that i have been saving for over a year that i am waiting to cut a shirt for a slimmer me:)

  2. I truly applaud sewing for yourself and putting it on the blog. It is something we all struggle with I think. Editing photos of myself is not my idea of fun. I love the lace insets on this dress and the mix of floral and lace. Well done and keep doing it! I'm dying to see what show she picks for next month. I need challenges like this to push me to sew for myself too.

    1. Yes, the editing was tough , with the kids i have too many useables but mine i struggling to find at least one i am comfortable with. Yes, i am soo excited for next month! I love binge watching:)

  3. Even though the "Just Call Me Mademoiselle" is over, I wanted to let you know that I voted for you. You have a talent in combining fabric patterns and colors.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give


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