Tuesday, February 3, 2015

KCW - SHARK attack

Today  Arthur's turn is up for  Kids Clothes Week and he asked me if I could make a shirt with a shark. Now how can I say no to that. He is going through the shark phase and I love that he sticks with a phase for a long time. First it was Trains, then Dinosaurs, then Mario for a very long time and lately it has been SHARKS! I myself have learned a lot about sharks because he loves telling me about it. His favorite shark is the Megalodon and so that is who we have joining us today. Scary little bugger he is!

I will start with the Shirt. I bought a rugby shirt for $2 at the thrift store and the shirt was brand new. It still had the original tag on. 
1. I first cut out the body pattern and used the Recess Raglan pattern.
He wanted 3 quarter sleeves so he doesnt constantly pull up his sleeves while exploring and playing. I cut it out so I can just use the cuffs of the shirt and also the bottom seam, I couldnt match the stripes that way so I made sure that the stripes still line up but with opposites colors.
2. Then came Mr Megalodon - I used AVERY iron - on paper for dark fabrics and used my x-acto knife to cut him out and then ironed him on.
3. Arthur really loves that it looks that the shark is coming for him!

Next is the pants,
1. I bought a size 40 mens pants at the Thrift store for next to nothing.
2. I removed the back pockets and drew some waves and a shark fin on it. 
3. When I cut the jeans apart I cut the crotch as well as the in-seams. I left the outer seams intact and layed out my pattern ( Kid shorts pattern by MADE)  on top of the pants leg as it was opened up.    (fig 3)
4 and 5. I used orange denim thread for stopstiching the pockets as well as the seams.
5. I made a faux placet in the front with a denim button.

He enjoyed being in front of the camera for a change 

Till tomorrow.....

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