Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW day 5 - Bella's first Blazer

so we were running out of daylight time so I still have to add my buttonholes and buttons but everything else on my blazer is done. My plan for Kids Clothes week was to sew most of Bella's Easter outfit which will also count as my signature look for the last week of Project Run and Play sew along. for Easter I was thinking Blazer for Bella ( I haven't sewed a lined jacket/blazer since college) so I was happy when Melissa from Melly Sews announced the Berkshire Blazer  sew along this past week so it all worked out. I finally got around to it today and all I have to say is I got more than my hour sewing required for KCW in:)

I will add the buttons tomorrow morning and the buttonholes and will share some pictures then of the final result but here she is.

 I used a navy twill fabric for the jacket and a pink cotton for the lining. I also made pink bias binding for around edges. The fact that it was almost night doesn't really show the pink.....

I made roll up sleeves because of spring ( it does roll down for winter though)

I added two circle ruffles to the back for a girly look

I love the inside fabric.....

the bias binding around the edges turned out real good.

I hand embroidered a B on the front pocket for Bella with pink .....

I have one more outfit I hope to sew tomorrow that I am quite excited about. I got the Triangle pants pattern from see Kate sew this past week and think it will be the perfect pants for my busy little girl who always puts her treasures in her pockets!!

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