Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW day 4 - Natty Janes

I dont know if this counts as clothes but I just had to sew these - I had different plans for the day like cutting and sewing a blazer for Miss Bella but the itch of using this beautiful turquoise leather got to me. I made the Natty Janes Pattern from the fabulous Delia over at Delia Creates and you can see the roundup on her blog Here for some inspiration. I loved this pattern from the moment I saw it but my youngest is too big for them and all my friends who had babies recently had boys. When I found out that the Natty Janes will be a pattern available to me through the Pattern membership ( if you have a pattern addiction like me and want to meet some new bloggers through great community come join me) I decided to sew a pair for a very good friend who happens to have the cutest niece ever. Problem solved:) On to the pattern - very easy, VERY versatile and honestly too cute for words. Delia's instructions and tips are very clear and the process was very smooth and definitely something you can sew up in a day. I used leather and good quality felt. The fact that it is so small you only need scraps which makes these shoes very affordable. OK enough talking on to the pictures.......

for construction I found the red clips and my pinking shears very helpful...

I used my sewing machine to sew a 4 on the inside so she knows what size it is...
ugh I love them so much ... wish they came in my size 

I am busy cutting out my Berkshire Blazer as we speak so I will hopefully sew a little on that tomorrow.


  1. Cute cute cute! These came out so fabulous!!! I love the way you used the pinking shears on the toe cap!!!

  2. These are so beautifully sewn! Thank you for sharing them!


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