Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Hydrangea-inspired Louisa dress

The first time I saw this beauty of a pattern was when CompagnieM called for pattern testers for the Louisa dress! since then I 've seen quite a few around the web. this ONE made me really fall in love with it. Then Marte announced a contest on any of her patterns and I had to get the Louisa for Isabella. All of her patterns are very kid-friendly! The Louisa has this huge pocket in the front and what child wouldn't love a pocket?

I wanted to experiment with two colors for the dress and then started to think maybe a  zipper will work. I looked at zipit  to see what they have available in 6/7inch open ended zippers so I can mix the two colors. They had pink and green and I went ahead and ordered the zippers knowing that I will probably find some pink and green fabric that will work. The fabric I found made me think of my favorite flower the hydrangea and suddenly it all came together. 

I used one of my handmade zipper pulls I purchased at the amazing Janelle over at Emmaline bags

I got a artificial hydrangea to keep Isabella busy while trying to take some pictures.

for the pocket I used some big eyelets to add so the green of the inner pocket shows. ( I extended the pocket lining)

I used some brass colored buttons at the back to support the brass colored eyelets on the front pocket.

I made Bella a pink felt headband with hydrangea flowers and knitted green legwarmers to compliment the dress.

 I added some elastic around the sleeves just because Isabella likes it that way.

The Louisa Dress pattern did not disappoint - I can see myself sew up a few more especially for school. Great roomy fit with clean lines. It is a flexible pattern with different options that will work right through the year. I sewed the 4t so it is a little bit big for Bella but will be perfect for spring.
Till next time......


  1. cute! Sy's 'n oulike modelletjie ook!

  2. I love this! You have such amazing talent <3 Jessica


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