Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a Bye Bye Love Diaper Bag...

Just after I had Arthur I sewed a diaper bag for myself and a bag for a good friend of mine, then I got asked to sew one for somebody and another and another.... It was great fun but then we moved, and again and again and I just couldn't get back to sewing because we just spend so much time settling in that there just wasn't time for non-urgent projects. I friend recently asked me if I could sew one for an expecting friend and let choice of fabric up to me which was great fun. I finished it this past weekend and got to send it off today!

I used  the Bye Bye Love bag pattern that was the January pattern for bag of the Month Club with some adjustments to the width and height of the bag and the pockets. The only reason for that was that for a diaper bag I prefer a wider bag when digging for diapers,cream,pacifiers etc. I added a bird softie rattle to keep baby busy when trying to find something.

The pictures are not great and I only realized it after I send the bag off and downloaded them. Nonetheless you get the idea!

The purse handles I purchased from Janelle over at Emmaline Bags Pretty Aren't they?

Till next time..... I have some cute girl / boy Lego pillows in the making.

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