Thursday, September 5, 2013

Flip this Pattern September
It will be no surprise that this post is about yet another flip  for flip this pattern over at Frances Suzanne.
Flip This Pattern


 I was so happy to see that the pattern for this month is for The Alphabet Collection from Pattern Anthology. It consists of 4 pieces and is unisex. I definitely want to use it for both the kids which makes it a great pattern for my collection. For Miss Bella I made the BBC vest, the W pants and the Recess Raglan.
She loves the whole outfit and we took her tricycle to the park across the street to climb her favorite tree and ride her tricycle - I got a few good pictures for a change so apology for the picture overload.
The jacket is full of zipper detail. I left the actual pull piece on the zipper when I added it to the flair part of the jacket and she loves playing with it.
The T-shirt I divided the sleeves and bodice part in 3 colors. I love this pattern and can see myself sewing up a few for both kids. I like the 3 quarter sleeves and it makes for an easy transition into winter and their hands are still free to go crazy.
 When we were at Disneyland I saw a woman with cute shorts that had a high waist with a zipper and hoped I could try it for the flip of the W pants.
 I am very happy with how it turned out.The sides has shirring with elastic thread which is wonderful for contouring around toddler hips and bellies:)
The bottom I opened up with a slit and added 3 different colored buttons and added a pink inlay for when we have the buttons over and the pants lies on the shoes open.  Pink fabric was also added on the inside of the pants for contrast.
Zipper Jacket:
I saw Jenny on Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis(BRAVO) wear a jacket with a zipper on the circular bottom and fell in love. This is how I flipped the jacket. I added a circular flair to the bottom of the jacket instead of the pleated bottom. I took a metal zipper and separated the two parts and add them to each side with pink bias fabric to round it off on the inside. The top part I changed by adding the white piece of fabric ( first I sewed in parts of a pink zipper into the fabric resembling pin tucks.) I chose the metal buttons to compliment the metal zipper. o so Cute - No?
and what do you know  the whole outfit is flexible enough to keep up with Miss Bella. She climbed this tree as if she was in a leotard.



There you have it. I hope you have enjoyed my pictures of my girly flip for September. Next up will be Arthur's outfit.
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  1. Okay - I love your color-blocked recess raglan!! The color-blocked sections lined up so nicely!! Can't wait to see Arthur's creation...

  2. Very fun with all those zippers! I love the shirring on the pants too!

  3. I love the zipper along the bottom of the jacket. My kids would always be playing with it as well :)

  4. What an awesome outfit! I love all of the details you put in to it and am so very impressed you made 3 pieces!

  5. Those high waisted pants are adorable. I really love the shape!

  6. What an adorable outfit!So creative and fun! Great details! Love,love, love the shirring and front zip on the pants.


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