Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mad for Plaid

It is Week 3 over at Project Run and Play and the theme is MAD for PLAID!
two things came up when I think of plaid and that is a nice plaid winter coat or 70's style plaid bell bottoms. California weather doesn't really lend itself to a nice plaid winter coat so I went with the 70's bell bottoms - My shirt idea was to create something that involve basket weave technique of canvas belt strips to create a plaid effect. I found a black and white plaid with thin turquoise blue and bright pink stripes. It was easy enough to find the same color belt strips in black white, pink at turquoise over at Joann's.
I constructed my own pattern for the top with some pleats at the bottom. Wide sleeves with plaid at the bottom with white buttons.
For the pants I used my favorite KID Shorts pattern - lengthened it and made it waaaaay wide. I sewed a little pintuck on the middle front of the pant legs to add some 70's flair :) and two welt pockets right on the heinie!
Today was one of those days where whatever I tried it just wasn't a good picture day with miss Bella.
First she didn't want to wear her black boots ( which she loves) but instead her Kitty shoes which I let her.  She was all over the place. Lesson learned - Do it early in the morning or wait for tomorrow morning!

the pink felt rose clip for her hair I made through This Tutorial.



so Hop on over to Project Run and Play and vote for your favorite contestant and also check out the other sew along entries.



  1. Adorable! The pants are super cute! Love the shirt too!

  2. love the wide leg pants!! I haven't seen anything like this in my look through the plaid links!! Well done!

  3. What a cool look on the top! Really cute outfit.

  4. Your wide leg pants are very cute and look comfy. The top is also unique, great job!

  5. Clever way to incorporate the theme. Love it!

  6. Love all the little details! That rose clip is perfect for it!

  7. Gorgeous!! Well done on your DIY plaid!

  8. Elizabeth recently has been working on a bodice similar to yours! Great minds think alike!!!! Yours turned out awesome...and I LOVE those pants!-liZ


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