Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It all started with a Hat.........

On a recent trip to Monterey Bay ( what a wonderful family friendly place - Great food, lots to do and stunning) I got Isabella this hat. I kinda knew she didn't have any clothes matching but really liked the purple and dark green together and she really loved the hat to. Browsing through my fabrics I found these and hope they will go perfect with the hat.
I used simplicity dress pattern for the top C2019 and just extended the top piece of the pattern for a shirt.I used this New look pattern for the the skirt and added some accent frill to make it more fun.
Here is the top. I did the bottom part with shirring that I learned from this tutorial. She does a great job at explaining it and it really works great.

I finally got some new tags to add to my creations. I have ordered three different tags before but these ones are my favorite . They wash great and looks great.
They are from Hobbytime on Etsy

Here's the skirt.

Isabella wore her outfit to the zoo today and looked very cute.

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