Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 2 : Let's go to the MOVIES!

Hi everyone,  It is week 2 of  Project Run and Play. and it is Let's go to the Movies week!!!

as you can see I chose Bonnie and Clyde. I have always been very interested in this couple who robbed banks. The fact that I have two beautiful children one of each made this the perfect choice. I sew mostly for Bella but Arthur gets so excited if I sew for him so I really have to include him more.
What a fun week. I had so much fun planning this outfit and the kids couldn't wait till I was finished so they could put it on.

The color scheme I chose was brown in orange.My movie inspiration was the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway........

Clyde's Outfit: PantsNumber 9 trousers from Gotopatterns I added pockets with flaps on the sides and a strap with buckle on the side and an additional zipper pocket on the other side. the back has pockets as well. My kids loves pockets so he is very happy about that.
T-Shirt: the tshirt is the recess raglan pattern from Gotopatterns and I use this pattern constantly. 
Vest: is the bbc vest from Shwin designs. I didnt make any changes to this - I absolutely love the look of this vest and thought that was dapper enough for Clyde.
Hat: is the Fedora Hat pattern. I wish I had a better suiting fabric for but the linen I had worked fine.

I made a tie from a fat quarter I had in my stash with browns and oranges.

Bonnie's Outfit: skirt was selfdrafted with pockets and a funky inlay in the front.
Shirt: is also the recess raglan but I made the sleeves wider and added some elastic around the wrists.
The hat was just a self-drafted hat made with felt rectangles to resemble Faye's hat in the movie. I also made a orange brocade scarf for around her neck that she likes to hold around a month just like a bank robber.

As we entered the open space a couple was on their way back and immediately asked if they were Bonnie and Clyde. Well mission accomplished I think.

They really lived themselves into the roles and we were exhausted and so full of dust by the end.
Fun was had by us all!

I love how the pants turned out.

I hope you had fun looking at the pictures - we sure had fun taking them.


  1. This is fantastic! If I wasn't having so much fun looking at everyone's pictures I could get my outfit done! :)

  2. You are amazing! Great creations!

  3. Great work
    Love that giant houndstooth print!

  4. Your details are fantastic! I love the pop of the orange. Great photos too!

  5. I love this interpretation and your color palette! What could be better than two tiny adorable gangsters?

  6. Impressive doesn't even sound good enough for your movie outfits!

  7. Wooow, nice job! I really like the orange details.

  8. Awesome! They're pretty looking people...

  9. So sophisticated! Great photo shoot too :)

  10. Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! Great job, you nailed both looks and I am now in need of making those pants and that vest! Good luck!!

  11. your photos are amazing!!! Love that you are out in the middle of no where... also... your clothes are super cute too!!! ;o) I also sewed along and linked up… a {movie} star dress ;o)

  12. Okay - this post had me laughing out loud!! Those are some seriously cute photos of your two....and darling outfits to boot!


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