Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Tinny for Flip this Pattern.......

 This month was yet another fabulous pattern for Flip this Pattern over at Frances Suzanne. Its called
The Tinny by Straight Grain. It is quite fabulous and Isabella loves the twirly version.

The pattern as is has so many options with different collars , skirts and sleeves so I couldn't change too much. I wanted it to still be a true Trinny just because of its FABULOUS'ness.
I added flower petals to the sleeves and skirt. I ironed them on with ez steam and then hand embroidered around with a chain stitch.
The front I changed with adding pintucks and buttons ( beautiful flower wooden buttons I found at JoAnn's) so it opens in the front instead of the back. I added 2 layers of net in between the denim and mustard color fabric which is 4 layers in total on the skirt part.
I extended the sleeve and gathered it a little before adding a cuff.
She has a huge Band-Aid on her head disguising the8 stitches on her head. I quiet library trip turned into a not so quiet trip when she fell and sliced her forehead open on the side of a bookshelf.
Being at the library we had to take the ambulance which she loved. 4 hours later and she was all stitched up. She loved all the attention way too much and unfortunately didn't turn out to be a learning experience on when your mom tells you to slow down you should listen :) .
I made a huge Flower hair pin with vinyl to keep the hair out of the forehead.


I absolutely love this pattern and hope to flip another one for the month of August.
No promises though........
Flip This Pattern 150x200


  1. Looks great! Love the pin tucks! Poor little one having stitches. I bet it was worse for mummy too :(

  2. I LOVE your flip. The pintucks and the embroidery around the leaves looks gorgeous. Great job!

  3. Pintucks, embroidery, full twirly skirt, pretty flower buttons=fabulous dress. Love it!

  4. Pintucks: My favorite part of your flip!!! Great job!!!

  5. Beautiful! The details on this dress are amazing - the pintucks, the embroidery, the piping around the collar... What a great flip!

    1. Thank you An, It is such a Great Pattern. I will be making many more.

    2. Hi Carin - that is an amazing piece of sewing! The pintucks are so beautifully done. I've just flipped a Tinny and had lots of fun doing it. And I also love to do applique, hand-stitched with chainstitch too! See my 'secret squirrel' outfit, and the 'Cloth of Kings dress' over at my blog But I've never done this much hand-applique - so much effort! It's incredible.
      PS - for some reason, I can only comment on your blog as a 'reply' - can't seem to get the comments button to work!

  6. Lovely details make this a fantastic flip!

  7. Your applique details made the dress so stunning. And I'm in love with your buttons.

  8. This is darling! I love the pintucks with those beautiful buttons.

  9. So many gorgeous details. This is really beautiful. I love all of the work that went into this and the blue and yellows color scheme is so pretty.

  10. Absolutely adorable!!!!


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